"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most"
-- John Ruskin

Quilt Pattern Updates

"X Marks the Spot" Quilt and Growth Chart Updates

Cutting Instruction Modifications:
* From the Black Phrases, there is no need to cut four 42.5" x 3" rectangles
* the sizes for the pieces J & K need to be 2.75", not 2.5"
* the sizes for the small pieces in the "Follow the Trail" need to be modified.  The instructions direct you to cut the strips for G & F to 1.5".  They need to be 1.25"

For "Follow the Trail" block:
*there need to be 14 total pieces of G & H small blocks that surround J & K pieces, not 12

For "X-Marks the Spot" block for the Growth Chart:
* from the blue main fabric that surrounds the X, the two smaller squares need to be 2~3/8", not 2~7/8"