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-- John Ruskin

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Pirate Map" quilt top instructions

Fabric Requirements:

2/3 yd. main blue
1/3 yd. black swirl
1/3 yd. cream phrases
1/4 yd. black stripe
1 yd. cream skull
1/2 yd. red swirl for binding
Cutting Instructions:

Cut four  12" x 12" squares from main blue fabric.

Cut one rectangle 11" x 10.5" from main blue fabric.

Cut 12 rectangles 12" x 3" from black swirl.

Cut two 12" x 12" squares from the cream phrases fabric.  Cut those two squares in half to create four large triangles.
Cut two 8.25" x 8.25" squares from the cream phrases fabric.  Cut those two smaller squares in half to create four smaller triangles.
Cut two strips of the black stripe 31" x 3".  

Cut two strips of the black stripe 35.5" x 3".  

Cut and sew together four strips of the skull fabric 50"x 5".  

Cut four strips of the red swirl fabric 54" x 3.25".

Cut five squares from main blue fabric, 12" x 12"
Using template below, cut three sides of four of the main squares as shown above

Four of the 12" squares should now look like this 

Using the same template as above, cut 12 semi circles from the black swirl

Finger press the center of the semi circles

Line up the center of the black semi circle with the blue piece, as shown above,
make certain that the edges of the semi circle are even with the straight edge of
the blue piece

Line up another semi circle opposite the first one, and sew the semi circles
to the blue piece, starting at the center and sewing towards the edges
Press the black semi circles open

Attach the top semi circle as instructed above

Trim the edges to ensure that the new piece is straight along the edges
Make four blocks using the instructions above.  

Lay out the quilt pieces as shown above, sewing the three middle pieces together first.
Then, sew two large triangles to the sides of one of the blocks you created.  Do this
for the other side as well.   Finally, sew together all three sections of the center square.

Line up the small triangles on the edges of the "X" and sew together.  Open and press.
Attach the striped border as a straight border, and the skull border as a mitered border.  
Quilt and bind with red swirl fabric.  
Now,  snuggle with a little boy you love, read a good pirate story and enjoy the quilt! 

Pirate Map quilt
46" x  46"
by Emily Taylor

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